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Laughlin Gallery offers artwork by emerging and established painters, photographers, sculptors and mixed media and fiber artists. Each artist interprets the world in their medium of choice with dedication and skill, creating high-quality artwork for lasting enjoyment and inspiration. Laughlin Gallery generally offers work between $200 to $20,000 to make the work accessible to a wide range of collectors.

Laughlin Gallery is an art destination in Highland Park, Illinois that offers exceptional contemporary art and services to help clients easily find artwork that inspires and moves them. Long-time collectors and art advocates Lauren Laughlin and Ellen Ozmun created Laughlin Gallery to democratize art buying by welcoming experienced collectors as well as curious newcomers.

Laughlin Gallery is housed in a historical storefront that maintains its distinct charm with lofted ceilings and architectural surprises. The juxtaposition of contemporary artworks against a warm interior provides an unexpected and delightful way to view art. Cozy lounge areas, the scent of candles, and a little bit of fairy dust coalesce into an imaginative oasis.

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