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David Keel currently resides in Chicago, and has been painting since 1998.  He works in a number of mediums, including acrylics, oils, and magazine transfer. 

Keel has painted in many styles, subject matters, and mediums for more than two decades. After all this time, he still feels as though he is exploring a world that offers so many options and things to learn. He began painting because of the mystique around it and continues to do so, following abstract concepts like feelings, laughter and aesthetics.

People have described Keel's paintings as dreamlike, haunting, colorful, nostalgic, and whimsical. Onlookers are constantly telling him they see things in his paintings he does not see himself. It always amazes him that people can have wildly different interpretations of the same physical space. The painting process is mysterious in this way.

Because of this, Keel is constantly trying to see the painting another way - - from another perspective, stepping away, stepping back, turning the painting on its side, laying it on the table. When he does this successfully and gets used to changing his mind and perspective, creativity flows easily and the painting process becomes natural.


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