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Sunset 2


Spencer Rogers has the ability to engage the flow state of mind. He creates original works of modern abstract art using his sensitivity to, and appreciation for sonic energy. He has developed a unique process in which he uses music to engage in the flow, where his creativity thrives.

He began his education in Chicago, studying painting and photography at Loyola Academy and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts at the University of San Diego. He took the time his junior year to study abroad at the Art Institute in Florence Italy. In his twenties, Spencer spent time traveling as a professional musician while living in Los Angeles. These elements combined to form Spencer into the artist he is today; merging all his creative talents: painting, photography and music. Inspired by the great Gerhard Richter, and grateful for the emotion evoked by the love of his family, Spencer, his wife and son moved back to settle in Chicago. Spencer Rogers Fine Art was born.

Spencer's painting style has evolved out of his passion for both art and music. With music loudly filling his studio, he allows the music to be his guide, providing a unique approach to each canvas on which an original, one of kind work is created. Spencer's paintings are wildly choreographed "concerts on canvas" that intend to spread awareness of the flow state while inspiring thinking on the nature of energy, reality, and the human experience. His work provides a unique, ever changing focus to interpret individually and enjoy repeatedly.


On November 25th, 2021 we sadly lost Spencer. Although he is no longer here physically, he will remain alive in our hearts forever. Spencer poured his heart and soul into every piece of art he created. His calling in life was truly to make things beautiful and make beautiful things. Nothing made him happier than watching people interact with his artwork. Whether his work brought you joy and happiness or even just made you think- Spencer loved sharing his talents.

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