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Jeanné Sapienza is a fine art photographer based in Illinois. She specializes in conceptual, painterly, large format images.

Sapienza's art and life have become entwined as light and dark, creating an emotionality in her work. Her images hold a variety  of meanings.  Dreamlike fluid images on a backyard lake address life and death pressed up against each other.  The images encompass spirituality and ephemeral confrontations with the unknown.  Most of her work derives from visions and daydreams, and offer dreamy views of another surreal and painterly world.

Sapienza's goal is for the viewer to have an experience,  a very deep and gratifying one. For the past 13 years, her life has been devoted to raising a family.  Through her children, she has discovered the fleeting quality of life. Her camera has helped her create, explore and document her journey.  


“every breath you take” - (Blurb Books, 2018)


AWASH in WONDER (Sheridan Road Magazine, October 2022) 

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