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Beth Kamhi am an artist, former interior designer, and lifelong learner at the intersection of art and design.


For more than a decade, the key focus in her work is balancing the physical weight, playfulness and sinuous elegance of industrial ball chain material. She constructs visually captivating installations that draw attention to the ornamental fluidity of the steel material. By weaving and draping the steel beads, she strives to create an effect similar to that of silk threads. As each piece is connected yet independent, its kinetic energy reflects my interpretation of life. When touched, these pieces evoke a tactile sensation of industrial elegance and strength. Ultimately, it is her goal to enthrall viewers with my works; to captivate them through an exploration of both form and function.

She dedicates herself to finding creative solutions to transform spaces with her artwork through an affinity for combining colors, textures, shapes and materials in unexpected ways. She specializes in creating chic, bold and edgy artwork with a playfulness that never fails to elevate the ordinary.


How One Chicago Creative Turns Industrial Ball Chain Into Fine Art (LUXE Interiors + Design, January 2023)

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