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“Art is everywhere, Art is everything.”       

Yvette Lenzi has lived by this beautiful quote throughout her life.

Her creative spirit, warm heart, and openness to all possibilities has enhanced an undeniable passion for the arts.  Growing up in Riverside, IL in a warm family environment formed the heart of the artist she has become today.

Lenzi has always embraced that art has not defined her.  Rather, her artistic process and how she creates has evolved alongside her life experiences.

Her passion led her into a career as an art teacher and now an independent studio artist behind beloved signature pieces and commission work.

Her artwork captures the calm and wild of the world that collectors love.  One of Lenzi's most notable signature collections is the Sand & Storm series.  Art enthusiasts love her art because it is serene, balanced and emotional. 


“White Chocolate Minimalism” Is the New Interior Trend to Watch (Architectural Digest, Feb 2023) 
Modern Luxury Interiors (May/June 2023)

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