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The work of Zachary Weber (b.1997) engages with possibilities of aesthetics, materiality, and spatial awareness. Between a playful and serious engagement, Weber harnesses materials to mine at sub-conscious curiosities. Employing a diverse array of mediums from porcelain to spray-paint, techniques and gestures compound to articulate a resolve that questions the boundary of the physical and the two dimensional. In the largest sense, his work takes aim at understanding why we understand what we see.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Weber began his creative pursuits at an early age, walking around the city, gleaning materials from sidewalks and utilizing them into his paintings and wall sculptures. These actions would later follow him during his educational forays into photography and sculpture. Weber is a merit scholarship recipient from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), BFA (2021). The artist has exhibited in institutions such as Art Miami, 2022, with Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, The Art Center of Highland Park, IL (2022), and is collected by the likes of Frank Stella and Blackstone Inc.


The artist currently lives and works in Chicago, IL, continuing his explorations within material under-standing and the world at large.

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