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 Kathleen Gallo (she/her, born in 1998) began her art education as an apprentice at the age of eight. After a decade of studying under Chicago-born professional artist Donna Sands, Gallo moved from Chicago to Philadelphia to further develop her skill set. In order to continue her studies, she audited physical anthropology classes at the University of Pennsylvania, and she attended the PAFA Hahnemann Program for cadaver dissections. These experiences furthered her knowledge of human anatomy and appreciation for the field of anthropology. In May 2020, she graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with a BFA in Fine Arts.


Gallo completed her first post-mortem facial-reconstruction at The New York Academy of Art in January of 2018. This reconstruction would later lead to an identification of the remains with the instruction of her mentor, forensic artist Joe Mullins. Gallo has created reconstructions for the Pima County Police, Penn Museum, Mutter Museum, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Images of her post-mortem facial reconstructions have been published in Expedition Magazine and The New York Times.


Gallo interned at the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology under Dr. Janet Monge. In her internship/freelance work, she created flesh-reconstructions from skulls in their archives, as well as made visual art based on their private collection. One of her college achievements was having the Penn Museum purchase her reconstruction of a Neandertal from approximately 45,000-65,000 years ago. This technically crafted reconstruction is now on permanent display in the main entrance gallery of the Penn Museum. She continues to pursue her career path in both the field of forensic arts as well as fine arts.

After returning to Chicagoland Kathleen Gallo had her first solo exhibition, Brushes With Death: Examining the Human Condition, at the International Museum of Surgical Science in 2021. At North America's only museum devoted to surgery, Gallo drew 2D reconstructions on skulls in their collection. She is continuing her professional career by showing in galleries, receiving commissions, giving lectures, teaching workshops, and being an art teacher.

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