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Evolene is a visual artist and writer from China and a wanderer who has uprooted herself twice, first from Beijing to Chicago seven years ago, then from Chicago to London half a year ago. As a life-long outsider, she looks through her work at human otherness, alienation and the possibility of integration to a unified bio-universe in which every existence is not located, equal and supportive to the others. Her works are marked by an ambiguous, dichotomous and poetic style as a result of desiring to call out the materials she engages with.


Her art practice involves and interplay between sculpture and painting. She introduces abstract and expressive elements into sculpture and then blends sculpture form elements into painting. She aims to explore expanded painting and contemporary sculpture. She is developing her own metaphysical symbols to shed a light on the postmodern concern and challenge of "the unrepresentable." Her research interests include the empowerment of women, self-actualization, space and time related to self-transformation, bio-universe, and the possibility of human being. 

Instagram: evolene9


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